Discover the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

„Having been built on sand with another base (basis) in fact. Auf Sand gebaut tatsächlich (aus) auf anderem Grund“, was written above the Weser bank on the lower house wall of the art museum Neue Bremer Weserburg by Lawrence Weiner. It is assumed, that he was talking about Bremen, since the earth under the city of Bremen is indeed very sandy. The first "Bremer" colony was formed on a dune after all! Taking that into account, Bremen is hanging on quite well. There are lots of interestings things to discover in Bremen and numerous cultural offerings. With its many inviting restaurants, bars and pubs, its very green landscape and its 550.000 inhabitants, Bremen is a very cosy and friendly city.


From the H5 Hotel Bremen, it only takes a few minutes to get to the Weser, which is of significance to Bremen in many ways. The famous "Schlachte", with its great range of cafés, restaurants and bars, can be reached after a short walk along the Weser bank. The sights, that people come to Bremen for from all over the world, e.g. the old town hall, the "Roland", the sculpture of the Bremen Musicianscan, the Böttcherstraße, the Schütting, the dome of St. Petri and many more historical buildings and places, can be found in the "Altstadt". There is something to discover and see for everyone! To emphasise this, we have assorted a few more pictures for you.